A Place to Call Home

Many of you have met our sweet friend Sylvannie.  She is a spunky, older, widow from the area of Boudin.  We met her almost two years ago while we were doing home visits.  We were asked to come to her house to pray and found her sitting on a mat outside of her tiny metal and thatch "home".  As we began to learn about her, we found out that she was not only blind, but the sole caregiver for her 10 year old grandson, Rovens.  He was abandon by his father, her son and they had been given no support from him since he left.  Our hearts broke for her situation. We had to do something, but we were unsure exactly how to help.

Upon returning to the U.S, we wrote about her in our newsletter.  After reading her story, a widow woman in Oklahoma City, felt compelled to help.  She donated the money needed to build Sylvannie and Rovens a home! Not only did she donate the money to build a home, she also gathered a few other women to give monthly so that Sylvannie and Rovens could provide for themselves.  Another family is now supporting Rovens so he can go to school. Needless to say, God has changed their lives. 

It has taken awhile to get the home finished.  Many issues come up when building in Haiti.  But we are happy to announce that Sylvannie and Rovens have a home!  Amber and Gaston have reported that since moving in, Sylvannie is elated at her new home.  She is not only mentally feeling better but they have seen improvement in her physical health as well.  She knows that God has blessed her in so many ways.  She knows that not only does her God love her but other women, some in her same situation, in the U.S. love her as well.  She knows that God provides not only for your needs but for your deep desires as well.  

Sylvannie and Rovens are so grateful for the love of God and the friends of New Song Mission!