Redeeming hearts through relationships



New Song Mission seeks to fulfill the great commission by living among those which we will be witnessing to. By living and working alongside them daily, we believe this is the best way to witness and teach the lost about the love of Christ and their need for Him in their hearts. "Living life" with people is the best way to show them Christ through our actions while developing relationships that will lead them to a belief in God and eternal life through Him.

Our missionaries live among our witness field, working with them daily in activities such as, gardening,  classes for women teaching them how to be mothers and Godly wives, holding community Bible studies, assisting with home repair in an area that is in dire need, providing nourishment not only in food but in the Word of God.

Our missionaries are devoted to investing daily in lives that will make an impact in the kingdom of God. They will be sharing in the same struggles that those around them are having while witnessing to them to see that God loves them no matter where or how they live, how much money they have or don't have, and that regardless of circumstances they can live a blessed life as a believer in Christ.

Our mission is not about putting up buildings, starting an orphanage or making life economically easier for those we are impacting, but rather to teach them about the love Christ has for them and to turn lost souls into eternal lives. While we will be doing some construction projects, water wells, etc., the main purpose of our ministry will always be saving the lost. 

By making true disciples of Christ, we will teach men to be spiritual Godly leaders of their home and community, for women to be the mothers and wives God has called them to be, and for future generations to be changed in an area where the people, communities and the country is dying daily without knowing Jesus Christ.